Men’s Sex Toys: How to use it at its best

The ramble through the dildo and vibrator lane of the local sex shop brings it to light: the reality in the bedroom and some of the flesh-colored monsters that adult sex toys manufacturers have in store vary widely. While some of us find it scary at this sight, the man is hard to beat by comparison with the average 14 to 16 cm (in erect state) that he himself wears in his pants.

Dildo vs. Penis: is not the man enough?

The fact is: men are often a little too negative when it comes to assessing their penis size. Around 85 percent of us women are happy with their partner’s penis size. Just 55 percent of men share this view. The masters of creation are often completely ignored that length and diameter are not decisive for the lust of their partner, but the technology. After all, this technology is also …