Men’s Sex Toys: How to use it at its best

The ramble through the dildo and vibrator lane of the local sex shop brings it to light: the reality in the bedroom and some of the flesh-colored monsters that adult sex toys manufacturers have in store vary widely. While some of us find it scary at this sight, the man is hard to beat by comparison with the average 14 to 16 cm (in erect state) that he himself wears in his pants.

Dildo vs. Penis: is not the man enough?

The fact is: men are often a little too negative when it comes to assessing their penis size. Around 85 percent of us women are happy with their partner’s penis size. Just 55 percent of men share this view. The masters of creation are often completely ignored that length and diameter are not decisive for the lust of their partner, but the technology. After all, this technology is also in the small, battery-operated friend in the bedside drawer. Dear men, do not be fooled by misconceptions. But maybe it will help you to know that we are not much better.

Women and porn: The other side of the coin

I have to confess that the enjoyment of porn movies with me depends heavily on the daily form. On some evenings, it’s me who brings home a hot movie. But sometimes the sight of the meat-and-silicone male fantasies in Barbie form just does not fit into my mind – regardless of whether I fancy imaginative sex with my husband.

With all my self-confidence, I will not be able to control my own urge. For example, after a stressful working day, that’s just a bit harder for me than usual. If you also know this situation, you may find it a bit easier to understand the insecurities of the men.

Persuasion for convincing: How does the dildo get into the marriage bed?

Those who have not guessed, will be happy to read it: in a representative survey of a sex toys manufacturer turned out that more than 67 percent of men, Sex toys indeed see enrichment in sex and not as competition  but what to do if your own divine spouse does not count to the proud majority? Since only help:

A lot of patience

Maybe it’s actually porn, in the sex toys are used in lovemaking, cracking the hard nut? Or you feel gentle before, for example, with a dildo size, which is certainly not a competition for the master of the house. Then there is the not so small advantage that he can draw from it, when he welcomes sex toys in bed. Dildos and vibrators are also in use on the man in the coming.

In search of the P-point: toys in use by the man

In contrast to the G-spot in women, the existence of the P-spot – the male pleasure center in the area of the prostate – is considered assured. The position is also well known: the prostate is about a finger’s length behind the sphincter at the top of the intestinal wall. There she can give her owner lots of fun, provided he allows his partner to search. It is also known that the prostate is so sensitive that man can come to the climax even by stimulating this hidden spot.

A plea: Sex toys enrich the love life

Anyone who has come to the taste would not like to miss sex toys in bed. Thus, sex toys are not a threat to the man, but the love toys can also be used to extend your pleasure, without your partner having to exert excessive effort. You can bring him slowly to the topic, for example by using the vibrator not only for penetration.

After all, there are numerous erogenous zones of the bodies of men and women, which can transform intense stimuli into great pleasure and then hidden behind the term “sex toys” yes, even a veritable treasure trove of products in which dildos and vibrators represent only the tip of the iceberg. Why not simply catch on something harmless, such as flavored massage oil or something similar, and work your way up to the more exciting products? I wish you a lot of fun! Know how to use a male masturbator for erotic orgasm.

Erectile dysfunction is something about 50% of men over 40 have problems with. No matter if you call it erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, potency problems or even impotence, it is a problem that affects many men every day.

Some experience erectile dysfunction one or more times, but for others the fact of having erection problems has become a permanent problem. No matter which strain you belong to, here in this guide you will find a remedy.

Why do I have erection problems?

There are many different reasons why men suffer from erection problems. In about 80% of cases, erectile dysfunction is caused by a physical cause and only 20% by a psychological one.

Some of the physical causes of erectile dysfunction may be atherosclerosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low sensitivity or side effects of various medications. There are many more physical causes, but the ones mentioned here are among the most common. The psychological causes can be depression, stress, anxiety and low self-esteem. Note: No matter what the cause of your case, it is important that you talk to your doctor about it.

How can you prevent erectile dysfunction yourself?

First and foremost, as mentioned earlier, it is very important that you see your doctor if you have erectile dysfunction. Precisely because physical causes are most often the cause, it is important to educate as soon as possible. If you are under treatment, there are a variety of helpful sex toys that can help you get rid of erectile dysfunction. The Hot Octopus Pulse is a penis vibrator for men that you can use alone or while having sex with your partner. You can even use it even before you have an erection. If you use it alone, with erection: Put the penis vibrator over your glands and be stimulated by its pulse technology, such as a masturbation cup or a conventional hand job.

Without erection: Put the vibrator over your glands and let unique pulse technology bring some life into your best piece. The pulsating vibrations help you to get an erection and even a stronger ejaculation.

Together with your partner: The Hot Octopus Pulse is not just a penis vibrator that you only use when playing with yourself. You can also use it easily if you have erection problems and are planning to have sex with your partner right away. The pulsating vibrations in the vibrator can be felt both inside and out. So he’s perfect for the missionary position or sitting on you.

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